Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Cape Town Weather and our Wendy House

What’s a Wendy House you might ask? We’ll here in South Africa we sometimes have different names for things compared to my American friends. All in all it’s basically a garden shed which you use to store or your tools in.

Know why it this important or even worthy of having a post on my blog you might ask? Well, Wendy Houses, however dumb and simple they may seem definitely have their place in society and more importantly in a gardener’s garden. What’s even more interesting is what people use these sheds for. In South Africa some people even live in Wendy house, you can even have one made for your dog if you have a very big one. However the most important function is still storing your gardening tools. You guys will come to know that I’m a big fan of Wikipedia and try to use them ever so often in my blog so if you haven’t ever heard of Wendy houses read 

At my home in Cape Town we have Wendy House and because it’s winter time (rainy season) having one is more important now than ever. We store all our tools in it including our lawn mower, rakes, shovels and even some other camping stuff. But the Cape Town weather can be hard on a shed with some heavy rains during winter time and hot summer suns baking the Wendy House like an oven. With that being said it’s very important to take good care of your Wendy house.

Before I give you tips and before I forget to mention this if you are looking for a great Wendy House company in Cape Town here’s you can get more information form the Wendy Houses Cape Town website. These guys can give you quotes on second hand and brand new Wendy Houses for sale in the Cape Town area. You can also follow them on Facebook here: Garden Supply Facebook Page.

Back to the tips…

Like I was saying the weather is hard on a shed out here. Ours have really taken a beating over the past few weeks and it’s starting to show. To keep this from happening you have to cover the shed in the correct varnish or paint to protect the wood from rotting. Also make sure that it isn’t leaking and that the water doesn’t run down the shed and lands in a pool. This can mean really bad news for your Wendy House. If it starts rotting the damage can cost you a lot of money to fix.

We decided to get wooden Wendy house when we installed ours but there are other options out there as well. I guess it all depends on your budget and what you need. The company we got ours from also has plastic and metal sheds available. Supposedly the plastic ones are more commonly known as Nutec and can last for a very long time but has a pretty steep price tag attached to it.

Whatever your Wendy House preference make sure you look after it well because it has all your tools in it and without your tools gardening won’t be as fun any more, it might even start to sound like work for you.

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