Thursday, 28 May 2015

Thank you for visiting My house and gardening!

Welcome to my brand new gardening blog! It would maybe surprise you that I am not an expert gardener at all. I see it this way: In order to master anything in life you need to start somewhere, do the research, master techniques and practice what you preach. This is where I got the idea of starting my own version of a gardening blog. There are so many great and popular gardening websites on the internet which I could only strive to follow or imitate.

To get a better understanding about me let me say this: I’m the kind of person that loves nature, I wasn’t always as fond of gardening but as I grew older I became to understand the beauty in nature and all it holds. I believe that gardening and more importantly growing your own food, naturally, organically and naturally is very important. If you want to read more about growing flowers this might not be the best place to find information on that, but if you want to feed yourself or your family organically then come right in.

That being said it doesn’t mean that every now and then I will throw in a more generalized gardening post about things like how to plant seeds or different types of Wendy houses. Well you get my drift… However like I said I’m still learning as a go along so everything might not be perfect, but more it’s worth a try.

Luckily I already have a few ideas for my first gardening posts so you can decide now if you want to come back and read more gardening stuff or not. In my first 2 post I want to be general and specific at the same time so I’m going to write one post about Wendy houses and another about gardening, living and eating organically or at least something like.

If you’re a veteran gardener I invite you to come to my blog and not only read my posts but comment and definitely give advice. I’m always open to suggestions and really want to learn more about gardening so I’m all ears. I’ll even allow some gardener to guest post on my blog from time to time if they are interested

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